Qualifying the charter a catamaran on a sailing vacation can be a challenge even if you have plenty of monohull experience. Charter companies need to know that you can really handle such a vessel under challenging conditions. At Sailing School Newport Beach we have 2 big cats to get you qualified with a NauticEd Catamaran Endorsement which is accepted by Yacht Charter Companies.

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We have tailored this program to suit you needs. You might feel as though you needs some training or perhaps you’re coming to us with some catamaran experience and just need an assessment to gain the Catamaran Endorsement.

Training Includes:

  • NauticEd Catamaran Sailing Confidence online course

  • FREE Basic Sail Trim online course and FREE Navigation Rules course

  • FREE NauticEd electronic online logbook

  • 12 hours over two days of on-the-water practical instruction covering operations of a large catamaran. Relevant topics such as preparation to leave, communication with your crew, eloquently getting in and out of the dock, maneuvering in the marina, mediterranean mooring a large cat, and of course sailing a large catamaran are covered.

We expect that you have previous sailing experience and that you log that experience into the NauticEd logbook.

Upon completion of the theory courses, logging of appropriate on-the-water experience, and demonstration of catamaran competence, you will receive the NauticEd internationally recognized Catamaran Endorsement. This allows you to charter catamarans worldwide (there are some additional requirements for the Mediterranean with which we can help).

At the end of this training and upon practical competence sign-off, you will feel confident with your knowledge and abilities to skipper and lead a crew on a large catamaran.


  • Private Course: $1600– Private course with you and the instructor.

  • Semi- Private Course: $875– We will pair you with another student.

  • Couples Course: $1750– Private course for you and your partner.

Private and Couples classes are generally held any day and time that works for your schedule. Semi-private classes are generally taught on Friday and Saturday afternoons. Semi-private classes have a minimum and maximum of 2 students. All classes are in 4-hour increments.

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