Newport Beach Sailing offers a comprehensive crew training program which integrates our practical training with NauticEd’s theory courses and internationally recognized resume and certification system.

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This training is for those wanting to learn the fundamentals of sailing and contribute as a crew member.

This rank is ideal for spouses who want to be a helpful part of the sailing experience without necessarily learning the finer details and have sufficient knowledge to act in an emergency situation.

This training is often combined with our Skipper Large Keelboat training where one person is learning crew skills and the other person is learning skipper skills.

Training Includes:

  • Optional NauticEd Qualified Crew online course

  • FREE Basic Sail Trim online course and FREE Navigation Rules course

  • FREE NauticEd electronic online logbook

  • 8 hours over 2 days of on-the-water practical instruction covering topics such as sailing, tacking, gybing, reefing, the set of the sails, maneuvering in close quarters, rules of right of way, sail trim, helming, docking

Upon successful demonstration of competence, and completion of the online courses, you will receive the NauticEd internationally recognized Qualified Crew Rank Level I.

At the end of this course, you will feel confident with your knowledge and abilities to contribute as a crew member on a large or small keelboat.


  • Private Course: $1250– Private course with you and the instructor.

  • Semi- Private Course: $775– We will pair you with another student.

  • Couples Course: $1525– Private course for you and your partner.

  • Family Course: $1825– Private Course for 4 people.

Private and couples classes are generally held any day and time that works for your schedule. Semi-private classes are generally taught on Friday and Saturday afternoons. Semi-private classes have a minimum and maximum of 2 students. All classes are in 4-hour increments.

Contact us at (949) 209-9931 with any questions.

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