Newport Beach Sailing offers a practical on-the-water introduction to sailing combined with a free interactive online basic sailing course from NauticEd.


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This introduction is for those wanting to experience seamanship and the bliss of a perfect day boating.  This class can be tailored to your individual needs.

Training Includes:

  • FREE and optional NauticEd Basic Sail Trim online course and Navigation Rules course

  • 4 hour customized sailing instruction covering topics such as learning to sail, sail trim, lines and knows, rules of the nautical road, helming, docking, safety and any specific skills of interest

At the end of this introduction, you will have an appreciation for the wonder of sailing, gained some basic or specialized sailing skills, and can decide whether to continue sailing training advancement.  You will receive credit for this Introduction to Sailing towards any further sailing training.


  • $400 per person

  • for groups of 2 to 5

  • small keelboat or large keelboat

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