Our Sailing Courses are Designed to Fit Your Goals

See below for our “Ranks” whereby the courses are arranged into a logical and recognized advancement manner. We also offer a la carte courses for specific needs. See those at the bottom of the page. All our theory courses and certifications are offered to you online from NauticEd International Sailing Education. All the practical training is offered on clean new style boats with professional licensed captains in the heart of Newport Harbor. For more advanced courses we experience the excitement of the sail to Catalina Island, overnight in the harbor and then sail and navigate back to home port.

Qualified Crew


If you’re wanting to positively contribute more as a crew member either on local sailing trips or on a sailing vacation, get started here.

This course is usually combined where one family member is seeking a skipper competence grade and one is seeking to be a knowledgeable helping hand. Upon a successful passing grade of the theory course and practical training and assessment, the candidate will receive a recognized NauticEd Qualified Crew certification.


Skipper Small Keelboat


Competence is a serious word and we take it seriously. If you want to be a safe, skilled and a knowledgeable skipper on a small keelboat when leading your friends and family on any sailing excursion, get started here for small keelboats.

Upon a successful pass of theory and practical training and assessment, you’ll gain the NauticEd small keelboat certification which is recognized by the American National Standards for sailing training and assessment.

Skipper Large Keelboat


When sailing a large keelboat, you’ll agree that you really (really) have to know what you are doing. When you engage us to make you a competent sailor of a large keelboat we will stick with you to give you the confidence and competence. Get started here for large keelboats

Upon a successful pass of theory and practical training and assessment, you’ll gain the NauticEd large keelboat certification. This is a recognized stepping stone to longer distance and overnight trips if you desire.


Bareboat Charter Master


A master is someone who knows their stuff inside and out. Leading your friends and family on the ocean for multiple days on a sailing vacation is where you need mastery. Our Bareboat Charter Master Sailing certification requires lots of experience, lots of course work and an extensive demonstration of your practical skills. Get started here.

This is not a weekend warrior, zero to hero certification, upon completion of the requirements, you will truly be accepted in to the elite group of those who can call a charter company anywhere in the world - and go. Additional licensing requirements are required for the Mediterranean and Seychelles.


Catamaran Endorsement


If you ever want to skipper a catamaran for a day trip or on a 7 day charter sailing vacation in the Caribbean or Mediterranean, you’ll need to convince the charter company that you can handle such a vessel. A NauticEd Catamaran Endorsement is your ticket. Get started on your Catamaran Endorsement here.