Captain Chris Jester - Managing Director

Captain Chris Jester

Chris is the Managing Director for the Newport Beach Sailing School and a licensed US Coast Guard Captain. Chris has an MBA for the University of California, Irvine, and a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from The University of San Diego. He grew up in Orange County and learned to sail as a teen. Chris is married, has two children and enjoys sailing with his family.



Captain Roger Philips earned the esteemed recognition of “Outstanding Instructor for 2008 & 2009.

Captain Roger Philips is a US Coast Guard licensed Captain and Sailing Instructor. He is also a former Vessel Assist rescue boat captain. For over thirty years, Captain Roger has been dedicated to the pursuit of sailing, while owning several sailboats. Roger has done extensive sailing in the Pacific Northwest, West Coast, and the East Coast, as well as in the Caribbean and Bermuda. He also teaches part time at Concordia University in Irvine, CA. He and his wife, Antoinette, enjoy sailing locally in Southern California and hosting flotillas in the San Juan Islands.

Captain Mike Kohl

Captain Mike Kohl

Captain Mike Kohl

Captain Mike is a multi-year industry awarded sailing Instructor. Mike has logged thousands of hours on the water cruising in Southern California, the Caribbean and the Panama Canal. His experience includes Charter Captain and former Sea Tow rescue Captain. Mike is a USCG licensed Captain and has taught hundreds of students where is passion for sailing is expressed.

Captain David Carlson

Captain David Carlson

Captain David Carlson

Is both a US Coast Guard licensed Captain and Sailing Instructor. He has taught sailing for over 15 years. Captain David is an industry awarded sailing Instructor. David brings extensive racing and cruising experience to our team. He has raced in several World Championships and Offshore races. His cruising experience is throughout the Northeast US and the Caribbean. He has appeared on the Travel Channel in the Northeast teaching sailing.


Captain Josh Ross

As a professional mariner, Joshua Ross has voyaged to many regions of the globe—-Bering Sea, Arctic Circle, Panama Canal, and across the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans. Mr. Ross is a U.S. Coast Guard veteran and licensed Captain, racing coach, and certified sailing instructor. He received awards for his efforts both from the Coast Guard (Commandant’s Commendation), and from the U.S. Sailing Association (Outstanding Director of year-round program). Sponsored by Challenged America, Joshua skippered the first sailing crew, all with significant disabilities, to compete in the Transpacific Yacht Race from southern California to Hawaii—a 2,500 mile non-stop, adventure, featured on ESPN. For more than twenty years, he has contributed to the sport of sailing utilizing a personal, one-on-one, teaching style that focuses on an individual’s full potential.


Captain Rick

Captain Rick is a Southern California Local, who has outstanding professional customer service. His goal is to make sure the time you spend sailing will be fun, entertaining, educational, relaxing and overall a great experience. Captain Rick is current with all U.S. Coast Guard regulations as a certified and licensed Captain. Rick has experience sailing in various countries all over the world. Rick also has been a sailing instructor for several years teaching people of all ages how to sail. His passions include, being a father of two kids, sailing, ocean wildlife, big wave surfing, free diving, great white cage diving and bringing new people out on the water to enjoy the magnificent Southern California waters.


Captain Dave Simonsen

Captain Dan Simonsen is a US Coast Guard licensed Captain and a Sailing Instructor who began his sailing career over 30 years ago in the San Francisco Bay Area.  It’s often said that if you learned to sail in San Francisco, you can sail almost anywhere in the world and if you have the pleasure of hearing one of his many sailing adventure stories you’ll discover the reason why.  Along with sailing, his true passion, Captain Dan was also a public school teacher for two decades. These two fundamentals bring a unique perspective and approach to the way he shares his love for sailing with his students and clients.  Captain Dan has the experience and knowledge to take you on an adventurous sail or a leisure cruise and the patience and background to share with you and teach you the true art of sailing.


Captain Allan Emas

Hi, I’m Allan and I am a Southern California native. I truly believe in offering the highest customer experience possible. That includes making sure your experience while on the water is relaxing, educational and as involved as the client wishes. I am a certified instructor in small and large Keelboats, Bareboat chartering, Coastal Navigation and Catamaran Sailing. Some of my passions include competitive and cruising sailing, fishing and anything related to the water. I’m a US Coast Guard licensed Captain.


Captain Scott McDonald

Captain Scott McDonald is a US Coast Guard licensed Captain with sailing and towing endorsements, a Certified Sailing Instructor having provided  thousands of hours sailing instruction, and an experienced delivery Captain. Scott has been involved in sailing since he was 16 years old when he purchased and sailed his first of many boats. Scott has sailed up and down the Pacific West Coast as well as throughout Mexican waters.  His passion is introducing people to the boating community and helping them build their boating skills.  He and his wife, Donna, enjoy sailing locally in Southern California and participating in local yacht club cruises and events.

Base Manager - Tom Collins


Tom is the Manager for the Newport Beach Sailing School. He is also the Manager for the Newport Beach Sailing Charters, and Base Manager for SailTime Orange County. Tom has a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from Carroll College in Helena, MT. He grew up in Orange County and learned to sail as a young child. Tom has been actively sailing throughout his entire life. He is married and enjoys sailing with his family.