A Modern 21st Century Sailing School
in the Heart of Newport Beach California


Newport Beach sailing school utilizes high tech 21st century sailing education from NauticEd combined with top highly trained sailing instructors and a modern fleet of boats. We provide top class globally recognized training to students who just getting started or for those wanting to stretch a little farther.


Sailing Courses

Qualified Crew, Competent Skipper, or Bareboat Charter Master; take your pick or progress through the ranks at your own pace. Start with multimedia online theory classes with NauticEd’s wide selection of sailing courses then step onboard to round off your practical training with our professional instructors.

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Sailing Resume, Certification, and Licensure

Competence and confidence in both your skills and knowledge leads to the proper recognized documentation. That’s why our online theory based platform integrated with practical training and assessment works the best in the industry and gives you proper sailing license for where ever you want to travel.

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Our Instructors

Our instructors not only know how to sail, they know how to teach. This is important when dealing with many types of learning styles. From multimedia online instructions to hands on the helm and wind in your face, we are the best of the best.

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Our Philosophy

We believe in both confidence and competence in both theory knowledge and practical skills. This is why our online courses are comprehensive and always open to you for review and re-review. Our practical training combines instruction followed with assessment to ensure the skills have been properly developed, absorbed, and fully retained. We follow the American National Standards for Sailing Training and Assessment.


First, what are your goals? Then, let us tailor our 21st century training program to meet them.

— Chris Jester, owner Newport Beach Sailing